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Crouch End is our home and chosen for a reason. Home to writers, musicians, actors, and creatives, we could not wish to be in a better location. Grizzly Dare’s founders have been in Crouch End for years and it was no surprise to read the Times article stating, that due to the aforementioned, (amongst other things), Crouch End has been voted the best place to Live in London – 2023.

The entire area in fact is drenched in creativity, and a hub for ideas, thought, change and art. Highgate cemetery is the resting place of Karl Marx and Mary Ann Evans – pen name George Elliot, not to mention the father of cinematography William Friese-Greene… All titans of their time promoting change, creative thought, and new ideas.

Just down the road, Finsbury Park is home to the Park Theatre, for so long a vacant office block before raised funds so it transformed into a thriving playhouse that supports and promotes the local community, while playing host to stars of the stage and screen… The green of the park itself is quite partial to throwing a gig or two, with iconic performances from the likes of Pulp and the Stone Roses to the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Just a quick hop on the tube to King’s Cross and we are amidst the magic that saw wizardry take over the world from its hidden entry on platform 9 ‘3/4’ – while the music scene of the area is complimented by Camden and Islington, and whenever our founder throws a book launch, utilises these residences to host musical and art extravaganzas to celebrate the diversity of these wonderful areas

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Book Editing - Copyediting - Copywriting
eBook builds - to - Novels in print
Writing solutions to see your project shine
We Grizzly Dare to be different
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