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creative copywriting / businesses & corporate scripting / content for websites & platforms

There are so many types of writing options out there…

websites – corporate and business – online content and platforms 

With each need as varied as their differing price points.

So how do you know what you need? Is it that standout landing/webpage, exceptional corporate pitch, compelling post and web-content or even a punchy press release? 

And how much should such services cost?

Below are the services Grizzly Dare provides, with simple explanations of what each option can offer, together with examples of what you should expect to pay.

Grizzly Dare offer diverse writing solutions for any platform.


Punchy, professional content for all manner of projects, websites and branding. Combine with editing solutions to create corporate and business solutions  


Writing original copy for advertising and branding, positioning statements to storyboarding. We can even help write that upcoming speech or pitch


From scripting showreels and film, to creating project organisation boards

Grizzly Dare’s website and showreel offer good examples of the services we offer.

Our Showreel:
From concept to drawing board, scripting to editing to seeing the final animated reel

Our Website:
From concept to finished site, from navigation/layout to the copy on the pages

Grizzly Dare offers first-rate writing and creative concept solutions. With our partners in animation, motion graphics and web-design, we can offer bespoke services to meet your needs.

Creative writing for websites / platforms

Landing and Website Pages

Landing/webpage content is essentially your website’s spokesperson.  If your web content is poor, then all the traffic in the world visiting your site is not going to produce successful outcomes. Landing/homepage content contains the information/services you provide and should offer clear navigation to your various website pages. All pages should have clear and concise wording; include any SEO keywords you are targeting and ideally be capped somewhere between 250-50O words. Poor spelling, grammatical errors and dull prose need weeding out to make your website messaging pop!

Strong, sharp, interesting copy/content is a must, and when combined with easy/sensible navigation to your relevant pages and services, can be the difference between a browser staying on your site or moving on.

Need copy for landing/webpages - but at what cost?

As per the previous dropdown, poor web content is highly likely to see your project under-perform, or even fail. But what should you spend on website copy and how much do writers charge for such content?

Professional landing/webpage writers quote anywhere between £1,500 per page to a jaw-dropping £20,000 per page of content. Since most websites consist of five or more pages you can see how this all quickly adds up! 

Even if your business can afford this, it still feels pretty extortionate, right? Once again this is where we Grizzly Dare to be different.

Our content writing is billed at £500 per page. Yep, it is that simple!

Since most clients/sites require five to seven pages of written content, Grizzly Dare sits within the price range of £2,500 to £3,500 per project.

We promise great edited copy in your preferred tone. On occasion it may cost slightly more, depending on the complexity and research involved, but if so, this will be communicated from the beginning, so no unexpected fees occur.  

This is not the cost of a website build, but the copy written for/within it.

On-line content/showreel scripts/storyboards and more

For other writing requirements such as showreels, scripting, storyboards, brand development and more, contact our team to work out a solution that suits your goals. We aim to please on price and promise to keep things simple and stress-free. Our hourly writing rates start at £35 per hour but we usually assess each project individually and offer a price per project quotation.

Additional services/options

The above examples have all been for writing content but there are other factors to consider:

– Do you need creative copy only, or require additional design/development?

– Specific corporate writing solutions such as pitches and summaries?

– Does your landing page need to include SEO services?

At Grizzly Dare we specialise in writing creative content, but we also partner with great people for any web/showreel design needs or SEO requirements.

Once we have created the copy for you, we can put you in touch with these partners if required, or alternatively put quotations together that include our partners from the offset as one combined/bespoke package.  

It’s all about good consultation to understand your needs. 

Work can be quoted on a PRICE PER PROJECT basis.

Get in touch, let's talk through your project

Exceptional writing ensures exceptional results.