you’ve created it – don’t sell it short – get it edited!

Grizzly Dare provide bespoke services for editing in London, the UK and beyond.

At Grizzly Dare we offer two categories of editing.

Category ①

Books, eBooks & Manuscript editing

Our genuine passion is to ensure authors get great, honest editing services at the right level and price 

Penny for your Thoughts

Proofreading Package

Penny for your Thoughts ensures a project is error-free before release. Priced at approx a penny-per-word, upon the work being submitted we will take three random chapters to determine the average number of errors per page to work out a cost. We may need to charge slightly more than a penny per word if a high quantity of errors are found… We simply ask a penny for your written thoughts, so we may offer a no-nonsense quote.

'2p or not 2p’ that is the Question?

Copyediting Package  

Our 2p or not 2p service focuses on spelling, grammar and improving the reading experience. Our service starts at 2p per word (but can rise to 3.5p per word) if work is error ridden. Again, send in your script and we’ll sample 3 random sections to determine an average of errors-per-page to work out a cost for you. 

We provide full feedback, so you get an honest quote… “2p or not 2p, that is the Question?”

Full fathom Five

Full Content/Line Hybrid Edit  

Our Full fathom Five hybrid is the cream of our editing solutions. Starting at 5p [rising to as much as 6.5p] per word, this edit ensures a script is written to the highest standard while evaluating style and content for maximum conciseness. Consistency, tenses, pacing, plot/character development are evaluated – contradictions and inconsistencies highlighted. This intense editing experience offers more one-to-one time with the author, offering suggestions on movement/deletion/addition of text and even on rewrites. Our hybrid editing service is subjective, involving extensive attention and decision making, while incorporating the rules-based edits of both copyediting and proofreading. The type of edit you would expect as a signed/published author.

Four-tune Favours...

Budget Content/Line Hybrid Edit 

Our Four-tune Favours package is a budget version of Full fathom Five. Priced at 4p per word it combines full proofreading and copyediting with a good portion of our more intense hybrid content/line model thrown in. Consisting of less one-on-one time with the author than its more in-depth Full fathom counterpart… it is a quality editing service that offers incredible value for a highly professional finish.


Page Indentation Edit/Design

Our Pound for Pound indentation package ensures alignment of margins, paragraphs and page set-up to maximise book/page layout and make wording pop. This service alters your line-after-line standard print into staggered, indented paperback pages of text. At £1 per page it adds that professional, easy-on-the-eye-feel to your pages prior to going to print.

Category ②

On-line content, Corporate, Brand Editing

Ensure your brand and on-line content shines. Our great value editing services guarantee the highest quality   

Brand editing to online content - to corporate presentations and speeches

Grizzly Dare will ensure only exceptional copy reaches the final cut of your project.

Whether editing copy for websites, scripts for blogs and showreels, or corporate pitches and projects…  Grizzly Dare will ensure your project shines whatever the format.

We can even service that humble, but all-important CV.

Our base rate for commercial editing services starts at £35 per hour but as always, our aim is to be as flexible as possible to meet our clients’ needs.

Therefore, feel free to contact the team if a more bespoke solution is preferred, whether priced per word or by project

Get in touch, let's talk through your project

you’ve created it – don’t sell it short – get it edited.