you’ve written it – now let’s see it in print 

At Grizzly Dare we can create all manner of publications: from High-Quality industry standard Paperbacks to eBooks
We can even produce audiobooks
We also publish corporate pitches & business projects

We guarantee:

Full consultation throughout any project to ensure highest quality results

Avoid the nonsense and pitfalls through good planning, communication, and transparency from the offset

Pricing and a schedule that you are comfortable with and understand

Paperbacks / eBooks - Corporate & Business

Grizzly Dare guarantee quality results without the deceit

At Grizzly Dare, we are passionate about authors. It is our mission to ensure they get proper advice and the best possible deal for their project. It is a subject close to our very core with first-hand knowledge of how daunting and perilous it can be when looking for publishers, printers, and especially so-called editors.

The simple fact is, there is no cheap, easy solution to see your book in print unless you are fortunate enough to be picked up by a publishing house. For those who wish to venture the road of self-publication, it is nothing short of a minefield. At Grizzly Dare you are in safe hands. Contact us today to discuss your project needs, budget and goals and we will offer free impartial advice.

We hope at the end of such discussion we decide to work together of course, but whether you choose us as your editing, publishing, eBook, audiobook partner or not is irrelevant when it comes to the advice you will receive. It will be honest, forthright and with your best interests at heart!

  • eBooks and Paperbacks – navigate clear of the Print on Demand Crooks and Sharks. Our publishing team offer only solid, honest advice and provide options that are right for you. Authors can utilise the combined services of our editing, design and publishing to see that treasured book become a reality. Audiobooks can be created from the finished project, but bear in mind these are large undertakings and can be pricey to produce.
  • We offer free help and advice and are here to help writers avoid the heartbreak and false promises that so often see a sought-after dream turn quickly into a nightmare.

    Corporate and Business Publications

  • For all corporate and business needs, Grizzly Dare provide a flexible no-nonsense approach and can publish projects, corporate pitches, and all other business publications. Pricing varies depending on the project needs and goals, but as with our creative packages… costing is fair, transparent, and flexible to the needs of the client.

Our publishing services can be as simple or all-inclusive as you require.

We can see your manuscript transformed into a paperback or eBook with a basic service, or you can incorporate one of our editing, cover design, book building packages – it is up to you.

Bespoke options are available as we will always try to be adaptable in order to meet your needs.

Three chapters of any book or project must be sent to Grizzly Dare for assessment purposes. This is to protect both the author and us. If your work is error ridden and requires a lot of work, it will naturally require more time to correct… in some cases, the time and dedication required may prove too costly in both time and money to a client… factors the pre-assessment will highlight.  

It is all about honesty, good communication and a no-nonsense approach from the start.

*Note – for all corporate and business publishing contact us today to discuss your project needs

Example Paperback / ebook packages

Example of what a basic package would/could include


Indentation (unless indentation already done) £250 – Essential to stagger wording and set margins to maximise the look of the book page by page

Basic Book Construction (achieved after indentation) £0.20p per page – Once indentation is finalised pages are adjusted to enhance the look of each page and the wording layout. This prevents and rectifies any straggling words, icons or grammar that appear, and tidies up any split sentences or loose/separated print that occurred during indentation

ISBN International Standard Book Number (required for all books) £69 – ISBN Creation and registration including generated barcode image for book

Paperback Printing (Based upon an 80,000 word script in 11 point print) – Costs vary on quantity made and materials, but it is estimated at: 

£5 per paperback made if you order 100 x books (minimum print run)  

£2.50 per paperback made if you order 1000 books

Note from Grizzly Dare: As you can imagine the more books you order the lower the cost becomes. However, unless you have guaranteed sales outlets confirmed for book sales we would recommend fewer paperbacks and test your audience with the cheaper eBook option first. 

Example of what a full book publishing package could include:


COVER DESIGN – £199 to £499 (depending on work/time required)


TITLE & COPYRIGHT PAGE we create your title header page and copyright page for £35

FULL BOOK CONSTRUCTION – £0.45p per page – Like the basic version this prevents straggling words or grammar that appear odd on the page and tidies up any split sentences or loose print that occurred during indentation. The Full Construction Option, however, is a more in-depth analysis that looks at placing words, sentences and icons in better page positions to create an improved look and feel to each page – to promote a better aesthetic – for an improved reading experience.  

ISBN International Standard Book Number (required for all books) £69

ISBN Creation and registration including generated barcode image for book

Paperback Printing (Based upon an 80,000 word script in 11 point print) Costs vary depending on quantity made and materials but it is estimated at:

£5 per paperback made if you order 100 x books (minimum print run)

£2.50 per paperback made if you order 1000 books

Advanced copy of your Book for you to assess  receive an advanced copy of your paperback so you can actually look, feel, read and make last-minute adjustments prior to printing: It is expensive to produce a unique one-off book so an additional £125 fee is charged for this. Any additional error corrections made to the book at this stage incur a small fee per word/error  

The above prices are meant as a guide only and can vary depending on the complexity of a project.

Also, elements can be taken on a pick and choose more bespoke basis

For example, if you only want a basic package but want us to create your title and copyright pages for an additional £35 this is fine.

Contact us today as we will always try to create a package that meets your needs and budget. As mentioned in the previous dropdown option, we at Grizzly Dare advise you to print fewer books unless you are certain you have a guaranteed sales outlets for your paperbacks. If not, it is a safer, cheaper option to go down the eBook route to test your potential market

Example of what an ebook package could include:

eBooks – The same editing/production options as the above paperback version apply.

The only additional fee is a one-off payment for the creation of the actual eBook – £295

eBooks are a great way to dip into the market and you save a tidy sum by not having to incur the printing costs – and can use those funds instead on better editing packages to give your book the chance it deserves. Again, it is all about the individual’s needs, budget and strategy.

Get in touch, let's talk through your project

you’ve written it – now let’s see it in print.