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Our story

The concept behind Grizzly Dare came from the people that power it.

An author, tired of seeing peers and upcoming hopefuls suffer at the hands of poor editors and print-on-demand publishers.

Editors, alarmed by the slipping standards within their profession – and dumbfounded at the complex, overpricing.

A commercial scriptwriter, wanting to create great material without the constraints and slow pace of an agency.

A brand and marketing copywriter, wanting to branch out and work on more diverse, interesting projects.

As often happens, a group of professionals came together and pooled their talents with the aim of offering a fresh approach.

The bear is on a mission

Our reason for being

To ensure the best value, highest quality work, guidance and creative solutions – and to do so without needless complications, missed deadlines and overpricing.

Our ensemble Grizzly Dare cast have skillsets that include:

  • Writing and Editing novels
  • Creating eBooks and printing paperbacks
  • Scripting superb copy and punchy prose for  online content, websites, corporate projects, branding and marketing
  • Decades of Director, Senior Management, Corporate and Creative Project experience

Whether an author desperately seeking the right editor or publisher – a company in need of great copy for a website or showreel – an individual tasked with creating a great brand or new marketing pitch…

Grizzly Dare’s mission is to ensure you get the writing, editing and creative solutions you need to see your project shine.

Examples of our work

“We can edit, and construct eBooks and paperbacks”

“We can conceptualise and develop brands”

“We can help you create and script a beautiful showreel”

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