Young Writers ‘Short Novella’ Competition

Grizzly Dare is offering aspiring young authors the chance to see their work transformed into a book.
The winning entry will be professionally edited, designed and sealed within a beautiful cover.

Grizzly Dare - Young Writers Competition 2023

This competition is designed to encourage and promote aspiring authors…

This is NOT a promotion laced with hidden clauses seeking to exploit new writers…

That said, while the book is published, copyrighted, and advertised by Grizzly Dare a 10% royalty will apply from book sales – more than generous terms and conditions to be finalised.
Grizzly Dare is an up-and-coming book label that wishes to promote itself by doing what it does best – trumpeting the glories of the written word.

This is a genuine, good old-fashioned competition that WILL SEE a Young Author in print ready for the Christmas sales of 2024…


Rules and competition information:

  • Must be aged between 18 and 25 years old
  • Only one submission permitted
  • All submissions must be written in quality/concise English only
  • Work must be an original piece written by the author entering the competition
  • All submissions must have a word count between 15,0000 and 30,000 words
  • Prior to competition, entrants must send in 3 random chapters/sections of their work 3,000 words max
  • Deadline for pre-entry submissions of 3,000 words max to be submitted by 1st March 2024
  • 10 finalists (from the pre entry submissions) will be selected and notified by 31st May 2024
  • The successful 10 finalists selected must then submit the completed work within 7 days (7th June 2024)
  • Grizzly Dare will pick the winning piece and notify the winner by 1st August 2024
  • The winner will then have the work edited and created into book format ready for release by November 1st 2024
  • Grizzly Dare will transform the work into an eBook and see it uploaded to Amazon ready for sale
  • It will be promoted on the Grizzly Dare website and at events and be entered as a KDP on Amazon so people can purchase the winning book as a bona fide paperback
  • Grizzly Dare does not have the means to promote the book, this must be undertaken by the winning author – that said Grizzly Dare will always advertise and promote the book within its own promotions and events so some exposure is guaranteed… As Grizzly Dare grows, so will the profile of our authors and books
  • Grizzly Dare will own the copyright to the book but will never stand in the way of any book’s progression. As such, should a larger publisher wish to take on a winning book in the future, Grizzly Dare would negotiate a small commission/transfer fee to protect our interests and the interests of the author/book in question

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